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Use this guide if you are needing to compare currency rates, or interested in exchange rates from Liverpool Airport. You can also use the online currency converter to convert currency from pounds to many different exchanges.

Liverpool Airport Currency Exchange ...

The provision of foreign currency when travelling away is vitally important. And with many travellers wondering when and where to convert currency from pounds into their needed foreign exchange it can prove to be a bit of a headache. Here we give you details on the different ways you can change your money so you will be in good stead when comparing currency rates and exchange rates from Liverpool Airport.


Online Currency Converter...

When you want to compare currency rates use our online converter to convert currency from pounds to any foreign currency used in today's market place:
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When & Where To Change Your Money .. .

Most travellers wonder if it's best to change their money at home or abroad. Well here we give details on the various ways you can convert your currency from pounds to a foreign exchange and how to compare currency rates.

In most instances the actual exchange rate from Liverpool Airport won't make a huge difference unless you are changing thousands and thousands of pounds, however you should also be aware of the charges outlets will charge you to change your money.
Money Changing At Home
You can change your money at home in very many places - travel agents, banks, the Post Office etc. However, check the rates against all of these types of outlets before converting your money and check the charges that apply.

Or you could choose to use Internet services like ones that take American funds and send the converted money to your home.
Hotel or Airport Exchanges
Whilst changing your money in a hotel, or even when you get to the airport, seem convenient however don't change your money at these locations unless you really have to. Why? Because out of all the exchange options these two are normally the most expensive in which to do so.
Credit Card Foreign Exchanges
Check what sort of rate and charge your credit cards will exchange your foreign currency for. Often credit cards can offer a good rate of exchange.

Do be careful though, if you use this method of exchange. You need to check when the rates are for and then when your transaction will be put onto your card. If it's a day or so later then the rates could have changed and you won't be getting the deal you thought you would be.

Another option to travelling with 'hard cash' is using Traveller's Cheques. These are, albeit considered old fashioned now, very good if you lose them. They are easily replaced and any exchange charges are low.
Overseas Local Banks
If you are travelling to a town or city with lots of local banks you could consider changing the bulk of your money here (change a little before you travel so you have cash for any immediate costs that may crop up).

Rates are normally very good but check if the rate is set by the popularity of the service i.e. if the banks aren't used for exchange very often the rates might not be as good as you were expecting. Likewise, check if the rates are set by the Government, as if the Country is in economic decline or unrest the rates might not be good either.

Try and do some research - check national papers or the Internet, then use our online currency converter on this page.
ATM - cash machines
You can use cash machines if you are not comfortable with travelling with large sums of money. However, do check if the place you are visiting has ATMs - especially if you are travelling somewhere remote.

ATM cash machines offer good exchanges, and cash withdrawal is free, however your UK bank is likely to charge you a fee each and every time you do make a withdrawal - check before travel.

Also, tell your bank you are travelling and that you intend to use your card, just in case they freeze your card as they suspect your card is being used by thieves.
This link will source a VISA ATM anywhere in the world:
International VISA ATM Locator - click
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